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Geographical Location
Chaoyang is located in the northwest part of Liaoning Province and borders on Hebei province in the south, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north, and encircled by Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and other northeast cities in China. It holds the strategic passage on the way from the Northeast China to inside Shanhaiguan Passage. The geographical position of Chaoyang city is very important, with Chengde and Chifeng two cities in the northeast, and Jinzhou, Fuxin two cities in the southeast. It forms two economic delta areas. Chaoyang covers a total area of 19,000sq km, holding one-seventh area of Liaoning Province. The population is 3,300,000.The urban area is 25 sq km, and populated 300,000.
Natural Resources

Chaoyang is rich in resources, especially in mining resources, featuring wide distribution, large assortment and great developing potentiality. So far 52 sorts of beneficial mines has been discovered from around 820 places, among which 32 places have been exploited. Nonmetal mine in Liaoning province hold a important position, in which bentonite, marble, pearlite and purple sand have outstanding superiority. And precious metals are gold, platinum, cobalt, palladium and so on. The group exploiting value is the first place in Liaoning province as well as one of the eight producing areas in the whole country. The reserves of mangancse holds the first place in the Northeast China, the output of molybdenum holds second place of the whole country and the reserves of iron also holds the important position in Liaoning province.

Chaoyang is rich in agricultural resources and sideline products, It serves as key producing area of cotton, oil and food grains other than wheat and rice, the output of cotton and food grains other than wheat and rice hold the first place in Liaoning province while the output of oil crops holds the second one. There are a great amount of resources of animal products and the raising number of pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, goose and duck at considerable figure, among which wool, honey and leather hold an important position in the output of Liaoning province.

Chaoyang is also very rich in fruit resources, and is considered the second truit-producing area of Liaoning Province. And the output of dry fruit is among the best of the successful candidates in Liaoning Province, among them, almond is one of four largest almond producing areas of the whole country. Its annual output ranks the first place of Liaoning province.

Chaoyang has formed four great mainstays of agriculture such as the planting, forest and fruit, villages and towns enterprises, mean while it has already formed the major completed industrial departments such as metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, machinery, electron, building materials, textile, medicine, food and drinks and paper-making. Chaoyang has more than 1,600 industrial enterprises managed by a rural administrative unit or by a county and a city, among which there are 65 large and middle backbone enterprises in our city. Lingyuan Iron and Steel Works and Liaoning Tyre Factory are famous on the name list board among the 500 largest industrial enterprises. There are more than 300 industrial products such as steel, steel products, tyres, diesel engines, automobiles, loaders, building material machinery, medicines, coal, machine-made paper, electronic device, cotton cloth, chemical fiber and food. And more than 160 varieties of products have been exported to 60 countries and regions such as Europe, Asia and America.
Chaoyang has basic facilities with perfect functions. There are 6 railways in the city, leading to Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong, Jinzhou, Chengde and so on. The State Highway, which links up inside and outside Shanhaiguan, is regarded as an axle center, forming a transport network radiating in all directions to connect bordering cities, counties and villages. Chaoyang has only a small number of civil airports in Liaoning province. On Chaoyang civil airport a middle-scale plane can take off and land and there are flights fly directly to Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Qinguangdao and Harbin. The municipal calls from Chaoyang have linked to the national automatic dialing network and the telegrams has linked into the national communication network as well. And the modern communication means such as mobile communication, telex and fax have already been commonly used. Chaoyang city is the central of the whole prefecture, having perfect facilities such as water-supplying works, drainage works, electricity-supply works, heat-supply works, steam-supply works. Chaoyang Economic and Technical Developing Zone is a development zone, and all the facilities for production, living and service are available in all varieties, being provided with finest investment for building enterprises.
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